How to Get Corporate Clients to Buy Your Courses, Programs, and Other Offers...Without an Inside Connection Or Sales Funnel 

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In this FREE Webinar Training, you'll discover:

Who buys, what they are buying, what they spend, and how to know if they buy what YOU offer.
The 5 critical shifts you need to make to sell your expertise right now.
The one thing you should never say in a meeting with a potential corporate client (this will send you into the black hole of "We'll get back to you..." which almost never results in a sale). 
How to move from selling your programs and offers one enrollment at a time to selling packages of 50, 100, or more to one business.
What to do before you pick up the phone or email to have clients see value in what you offer and invest in your programs (most experts miss this and never get to first base).
A powerful 4-Part Conversation Frame for leading a conversation with a client to get to the sale.

In this FREE webinar training, we will walk step-by-step through:

What type of corporate clients buy training, what they spend, and how to know if they buy what YOU offer. 

How to move from selling one enrollment at a time to selling packages of 50, 100, or more to one business. 

Plus, you'll get the "How to Know if Corporate Buys What You Offer" Guide, which walks you through over 100 training topics corporate clients buy and how to ensure YOUR expertise is in their budgets.

Meet Jeanine Blackwell

Just ONE Corporate Client Could Mean Hundreds of Enrollments in Your Upcoming Online Course

In the coming year, over $8 billion will be spent on courses, coaching and consulting in small to large size corporations, non-profits and associations. 

56% of that training is delivered by outside instructors and facilitators (experts just like you). And, here’s what’s really interesting: more than half of this training is being delivered online.     

Here's why selling to corporate is a good idea:

You can sell multiple "seats" in your course to one client.

I have had corporate clients buy 10, 20, 50, 100, and even 250 seats in my courses at prices ranging from $179 to $1997.

You can blend your online course offer with up-sell offers.

You can add on up-sell offers like online group coaching, on-site custom workshops or virtual implementation sessions. 

You can easily customize an existing online course for a corporate customer.

You can add more access to you with a private implementation call for all participants from the host company. There are endless possibilities.

Getting corporate clients can help you get even more individual clients.

Sharing that you work with corporate clients can add instant credibility when you are marketing your offers to individual clients.

Join me for this free workshop, and we'll walk through how you can sell your offers to corporate (or sell even bigger packages if you've been having some success finding corporate clients).



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