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Why do you need an online marketing funnel in your business?

Why you want to create an experience funnel to grow your business?

It’s different for all of us, but most of us quickly hit a plateau in our business. We max out in our ability to grow the business because our expertise is the product we sell.

When I first started my business, I started it like a traditional expert based business. I sold my time. I traveled all the time. As the business grew, I was on a plane serving Fortune 500 clients almost every single week.

I had maxed out the revenue potential of my business.

Bonus: I was rapidly falling out of love with the business I had created.

I had to figure out a way to serve more clients without it requiring me to fly all over.

This is when I decided to create my first online funnel and that first funnel changed everything.

It created predictable revenue in the business. It allowed me to immediately get off the road. I no longer was traveling and it freed up time for me to start to create what was next in the business.

I invite you to ask yourself, “Why do I want to create an online funnel in my business?”

Oftentimes, it is not just the obvious revenue opportunity. Long before I created my online course, I was creating courses for my clients. I was very clear on the revenue potential.

It wasn’t until I was completely emotionally drained from being away from my family that I realized why I needed an online course and an online funnel to sell that course.

Take a look at these stories and see if any of these sound familiar:

An Online Marketing Coach wants to get out of one-to-one…

One of our clients is a marketing expert. Her reason for wanting to create her funnel was that she was doing everything one to one.

Her intention in building the funnel is to free up her time. When we looked at that percentage of time she wanted to free up, it translated into $200,000 of revenue that she needed to replace from her current  one to one work.

When we built her launch goals, we worked backwards from the goal of a quick return of $200,000.

A Haircutting Coach wants to stop traveling every weekend and increase the reach of her work…

Kim had a different situation. She was traveling all over doing workshops and all of the workshops she was leading were on the weekend. She had maxed out all the weekends that she could market and she was exhausted. She was also always away from her family all the time.

When she came to us and said, ‘I’m ready to do this’ we had to figure out a way to replace the income from doing those workshops while also freeing up her ability to work on creating the new products that would generate that revenue ongoing.

Kim launched her course, built a 7-figure business and has massively scaled the reach of her work.

An In-Demand Education Professional wants to serve more children…

While we see a lot of coaches and consultants who are trying to replace their one-one clients, Dr. Zaretta Hammond enjoys working on-site with her clients. The problem was that she could only be in one place at a time. Her purpose in creating her online course and launch funnel was to serve more educators with her work while freeing up time to create more resources for her community.

When we began working on her online funnel, we had to get specific around the goals:

  • What amount of time do you want to free up?
  • What kind of revenue do we need to generate from this funnel to be able to enable you to free up time for “white space” to create what’s next (without losing income)?

In all these stories, my clients were able to use an online funnel to leverage their time to create the business and life they imagine.

What do you want to create in your business?

  1. Are you looking to replace one to one work with a leverage product?
  2. Do you have something that you’re having to do right now that you need to get off your plate while also keeping your revenue at the same level or higher?
  3. Do you need to free up time because you have a desire to work on something new or to have more time in your life? Is not having time to work on new products or strategies a barrier in your business?
  4. Do you simply have a desire to increase revenue in your business? You have a product idea or course idea, a coaching program idea, and you want to create that idea and get it out there. An online funnel will add another layer of revenue in your business.
  5. Do you need more predictability in your revenue flow in your business?
Understanding why you want to create an online funnel is the first step in building a successful plan. Share on X

The return on your investment to create an online funnel that automates the way you attract and serve clients can show up in many forms: time, money, freedom, meaning.

What return are you looking to gain with your online funnel? I would love for you to explore and share your thoughts with me below!

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