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How You Can Use Facebook Ads to Find Your Perfect Clients

How You Can Use Facebook Ads to Find Your Perfect Clients
Facebook is one of the most valuable tools at our disposal.

In addition to being a great way to keep up with your social circle, you can use Facebook ads to find your perfect clients. In fact, Facebook, more than any other, is the one marketing tool that I turn to most when I want to share something new and exciting with my community (and my ideal prospects).

I love the connection and the sense of community you can build using Facebook. I also love the fact that you can reach your exact audience who is primed and ready to learn from you.

That’s exactly what I want to share with you today. Let’s talk about how you can use Facebook to connect with the right people— your ideal clients. These are the people who are searching for you, but don’t know you yet. They’re looking for the answers that you can so perfectly provide. You need to find them, and the good news is, you can use Facebook to do just that.

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Now, let’s get into the action part of things. Below, I’m sharing how I use paid ads on Facebook to extend my organic reach:

#1 Choose the Right Facebook Ad Objective

First, you need to choose the right type of Facebook ad to get targeted traffic to your landing and sales pages.

Facebook offers various types of ad objectives that you can choose from -— including the option to get more likes on your page, boost the reach of your posts on your page, or get clicks to your website.

Image courtesy of Facebook

Image courtesy of Facebook

Getting likes on your page or getting more people to see your posts are strategies that have value in expanding your reach (more on this in a future post). However, the biggest priority for most of us is generating revenue through our ads quickly. This is why I recommend that you focus on choosing the “Website Conversion” option that Facebook offers.

Image courtesy of Facebook

Image courtesy of Facebook

A “website conversion” ad objective tells Facebook to send targeted traffic directly to your opt-in page to collect email addresses for future campaigns. The amazing thing is that Facebook knows who is more likely to opt-in to your landing page. If you choose “Website Conversions” as your objective, you are telling Facebook to find people who meet your criteria and who are most likely to provide their email address for your webinar, e-book, or other offer.

#2 Show Your Ad to People Most Likely to Buy

“Targeting an audience” is an alternate way to say “I’m showing my ads to these people”. The power of Facebook lies in your ability to get really specific about who sees your ad. This is really powerful because telling Facebook who you want to see your ads can help you be in control your ad costs. (It’s kinda fun to be in control, right?)

Here are some quick ways you can help Facebook show your ads to the right people:

Target Lookalike Audiences

Facebook does something that’s very interesting. You can share your email list with Facebook, and it can do something called “email lookalike”. Facebook will analyze your list (as long as those on your list have an account with Facebook) and select other Facebook users who resemble—or look like—the ones currently on your list.

This is a great opportunity to reach potential customers who are a lot like the people who are already interested in what you offer.

Target People Who Have Visited Pages With a Specific Keyword Related to What You Offer

Let’s say you want to reach people who are interested in “creating a budget”. It stands to reason that within the last 30 days, people within your target group have visited websites with articles on this very topic. And it also stands to reason that authors of these articles used the same keyword phrase “create a budget” in their article’s title and URL.

So how can you use this information to find your people?

You can tell Facebook to narrow down your ad targeting to a custom audience who are interested in this keyword phrase, “create a budget.”

I know. This is simultaneously cool and creepy.

For now, let’s just stick with the cool part. When Facebook shows your ad to people who have searched recently for what you offer, they will think “wow, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

(Re)target People Who Have Visited Your Website

You can also reach out to the people who have visited your site in the last 30, 60, or even 180 days. This is called retargeting, and it’s a powerful way to remind them of who you are.

For example, with people who recently visit your site, you can show them a landing page that includes a compelling opt-in offer. Your opt-in will give them some amazing free resource you created (your lead magnet) in exchange for their email address. This is a great way to turn visitors into emails on your list.

Target People Who Like Other Facebook Pages

There is a powerful way to find your audience on Facebook when you don’t have a big list or a lot of traffic coming to your site. You can tell Facebook to show your ads to people who like other pages.

How is this helpful?

Imagine Facebook showing your ad to people who already like the Facebook pages of:

  • Experts offering similar or complementary products
  • Magazines related to your topic
  • Authors, Bloggers, podcasters creating content related to your topic
  • Associations focused on your niche


#3 Set Your Budget

First, you need to think about Facebook ads in terms of return on investment. If you can spend $10 and make $50 in return, most of us would do this all day long. The key is to test your ads and your audience until you get the right winning formula.

In our Launch Lab program, I recommend starting with a budget of between $5 to $10 per day. We try different combinations of your ad image, your ad copy and the audience. Once you have your winning ads, you can expand your reach as much as you like.

The key is to get started, If you have $5, you can run an ad on Facebook. You’ll be impressed by just how many people you can show your ads to with what amounts to less than a Starbucks coffee.

#4 Getting Started

If you’ve dabbled in Facebook or you’ve been putting if off, now is the time to get started. There are over 1.5 billion active users on Facebook. I promise you that a slice of these folks are looking for what you offer.

Here’s what you can do now:
1. Download Your 10 Questions Tool These questions will help you see what is possible in finding your audience on Facebook.
2. Join me for our upcoming, “6 Steps to Launching Fast” free web workshop. If you know you need to launch your course or program online and need help getting started, this is the place to start.

Have you tried using Facebook ads to fill your course, offer, or event? How did it go for you? Share your experience in the comments below:

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