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The Ultimate Guide to Course Creation Tools

Are you wondering about the best tech tools to create your online course? Are you feeling overwhelmed just thinking about trying to compare email marketing tools and course hosting platforms? 

Sorting through the best tools to create your online course can take up tons of your time. It’s easy to go down the tech comparison rabbit trail and get stuck. Permanently. 

Hold off on waving the white flag, my friend. There’s hope for us tech-challenged folks. 

On a good day, I struggle with getting my Apple TV remote to obey my commands. But, despite my clear tech skill gaps, I’ve been able to create many successful online courses. I’ve also helped thousands of experts in our Create 6-Figure Courses community conquer their aversion to tech and create successful online courses. 

Rebecca Branstetter, is a school psychologist who shared that her #1 barrier to creating an online course was a big case of what she called “tech phobia”. She conquered her fear of the tools to create her online course from the list I will share with you below. 

Rebecca has since launched the wildly successful, Thriving School Psychologist online course and community. Rebecca’s advice, “I think one of the most valuable things I learned from Jeanine is pick a technology and stick with it until you learn it, because there’s a rabbit hole of options. That focus was so helpful to me.”

I’m excited to share with you my most recommended tech tools to create your online course. I wish I had these when I sat down to create my first online course. 

Free Guide: The Best Tech Tools to Create Your Online Course

You can download your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Tech Tools here. <<< 

This was inspired by all the questions asked by our Create 6-Figure Courses community members. 

4 Tech Tools You Need to Create Your Online Course 

There are 4 main tech tools you need to create your online course and get it out there. Let’s look at each tech tool and what it’ll do for you. 

  1. Course Hosting Platform – Maybe you shot your video for your course, or created an awesome companion checklist to help your students implement. Either way, you need to store your content in a digital home. This is called a course hosting platform. It’s where your students go to access and experience your course. 
  2. Sales Page – To say “yes” to your course, your people need to know about it. Your sales page details all the value you have created in your online course. This web page shares everything about the results you’re going to deliver, how to sign up, and what to expect. 
  3. Payment Processor –  Your people read your sales page and they think: “I’ve got to do this.” They’re ready to do the work with you. They are ready to sign up for your online course. So, they’ll need a way to pay you. This is where your payment processor comes in. 
  4. Email Marketing System – During the launch of your online course, you’re going to need a way to communicate with your people. You’ll use your email marketing system to guide people through your launch. After they enroll in your online course, you will send emails to support them in their learning experience. 

What to Think About When Choosing Tech Tools to Create Your Online Course 

When you’re figuring out which tech tool is best for you, remember to focus on these 3 key decision-making factors: budget, techie status, and the tools you already have things:

  1. What’s Your Budget – Depending on your budget, tech tools range in features from bare-bone basics to robust, premium features. Big budget, big features. Limited budget, limited features. Decide and filter out the options that work best for you.
  2. What’s Your Tech Status – Knowing where you land on the tech spectrum is critical because tech tools range from super simple to advanced to operate. 
  3. What Tools Do You Already Use – Before you stack on new tools, make sure whatever you’re layering is compatible with the other tech tools you’re currently using. 


If you’re feeling like you don’t have enough tech experience to create and launch a successful online course, think again. You can launch a really powerful, successful course without spending a ton of time researching the tech tools. In fact, if you can save a file to your computer, I promise you can create and launch an online course. 

Download The Ultimate Guide to Tech Tools and share what’s coming up for you in the comments. 

It’s easy to think that choosing the tech tools is the most important element of creating a successful online course. It’s not. The most important part of creating a successful online course is delivering a learning experience that creates a real transformation for your students.

We’re here to support and help you along the way. Can’t wait to read your feedback in the comments. 


  1. Annielee says:

    Hi, my name is Annielee and I already created an online course using Teachable. I did not see teachable as an option for launching a course and I was curious about why teachable is not a recommendation? I am looking to take a course with you in the near future to gain some high-quality insight about the best way to launch a successful course. My email is I would like to hear your point of view about teachable. I am not sure if this is the right program for me to launch my course. However, I did find Teachable simple to use and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I also liked the fact that it had so many components as a free course launching tool.

    • Hi Annielee!

      Choosing the best course hosting platform is dependent on several factors, including your course topic, your audience, and other services you may need to integrate with the platform, among others. 

      In Create 6-Figure Courses Virtual Bootcamp, we go deeper into the technological aspects of creating an online course, and also offer 2 free-trials of leading course hosting platform outside of Teachable. These trials give you the opportunity to arrange your course material into an online platform and helps you get comfortable with loading your content. It will also help you gain an understanding of the features that you may/may not need for your particular course. 

      You will be able to quickly choose the platform that works best for you after reviewing the criteria Jeanine walks through in the live sessions and covers deeply in the “Tech Guide to Getting Your Course Up and Selling” and in the tool comparison guides. 

      You can learn more here –

      Cheers to your course creation!

  2. Genevieve McCormick says:

    I am in the same situation. I have Teachable and would like to use it.
    I signed up for the Course-A-Thon. Will that work for me or not? Thank you for letting me know.

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