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Martin and the Manhattan

A lesson about creating transformative experiences for our clients learned while sipping bourbon in Amsterdam…


I’ve been celebrating my graduating girl by exploring Dublin, Paris, and Amsterdam together.

In Amsterdam, I met Martin who was holding court as he mixed up potions for his enthralled audience.

Martin is into the craft of bartending. Like, REALLY into it.
When he asked me what I liked to drink (interesting in hindsight–he didn’t ask what I wanted to order)
I said that I like Old Fashioned’s.

It’s the only drink I ever remember my Dad ordering, which is a big part of my love for them.
Whenever I am celebrating and wish my Dad were there with us, I order an Old Fashioned.

Martin’s response: Ah, you like bourbon, do you?
Me: Yes, I do
Martin: Well, have you ever experienced a Manhattan?
Me: No, I haven’t.
Martin: Well, you are in for a treat. Do you trust me to create something amazing for you?
Me: Um, well, of course. (I mean, what else can you say to that?)

What ensued was a riveting narrative about the Old Fashioned, the perfect balance, why most people can’t get the balance right, why cherries don’t belong, something about 3 types of the right kind of bitters…

…which ultimately led into the presentation of an award-winning Manhattan recipe Martin had created and was now unveiling to me on a barstool in the Netherlands.

It was stunning—unlike anything I have ever seen emerge from behind a bar of a hotel lobby.

When I asked Martin what the inspiration was behind his creation, he shared:

“When I created the concept for this drink, I thought…

Christmas with rosemary roasting in the oven
Family barbecues and loved ones laughing around the pit
…All beautiful memories

That is where I want to transport you when you breathe this in…”

Which is exactly what I was experiencing…
camping with my family
the warmth of the bourbon hitting my noise

Martin went on…and, here’s the lesson around creating experiences:

“The problem (for creators) is that you get lost in your own *^%$ing creativity.
You have to remember the point.
The point is how are you transporting this person?
Where are you taking them?
What is the TRANSFORMATION, you know?”

This applies to everything we create…

The online course you are creating
The webinar you are hosting
The conversation you are having with a client

Where are you transporting them?
They are HERE and they want to get THERE.
Getting lost in our creativity sends us off on tangents.
Getting lost in our creativity has us put too much content (ingredients) in and it overwhelms our audience.

The transformation…the movement from here to there…that is the whole point.
Focusing on the transformation is how you create exactly what your audience wants…even, if they didn’t even know that it is exactly what they wanted.

This is exactly what we focus on when creating your online course in Create 6-Figure Courses.

It’s also exactly what we focus on when discovering together how to land big ticket, highly invested clients in the Get Corporate Clients Masterclass.



  1. Raquel says:

    I felt that was DEEP. I always see the gifts a person has and it’s Amazing when they see it. That’s pure joy. Me and my daughter are about to take a journey to Thailand and Bali a whole month of pure Bliss. Thanks you. Namaste

  2. Jori Macarthy says:

    Very thought provoking!

    Don’t concentrate so much on your creation (puffing up self), but rather that what you are presenting allows participants to be enthralled enough to want to learn more – desire/want to pursue what you offer.

    Great message here!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Chris Syme says:

    Wonderful! love the idea of transporting clients. Nicely done. And what a trip!

  4. Alan says:

    thanks for your Manhattan story

  5. Great post as always. And the video of Martin creating his drink…a true craftsman can come in many forms, now. What an artist!

  6. Deborah says:

    LOVE that! What a beautiful experience and reflection back to you of how you too are transforming lives by creating these experiences for us! A great reflection for me on this Friday afternoon. I”m going to remind myself of the question…what is the point…where are you transporting them?

  7. Gwen Fox says:

    What a great bartender! Casting a vivid spell through story allows the person to go on the journey of their dreams…my question is this…was the Manhattan as good as the visual journey or did the journey make the Manhattan superb?

    • This Manhattan was epic. I actually ordered one last week somewhere else–Manhattan #2 in my life–and it was not even in the same universe. Guess we have to go to Amsterdam, Gwen :)

  8. Michelle says:

    I love how your mind works. You see inspiration and opportunity everywhere you go Jeanine. Thank you for continuing to share those revelations with us and guiding us on how to apply those to our own lives. Awesome!

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