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How to Use a Webinar to Grow Your List and Sell Your Course at the Same Time

If you’re like most of the experts that we get to work with in our Create 6-Figure Courses community, you are focused on creating your online course and growing your list at the same time.

The great news: creating an offer for your ideal clients is the fastest way to grow a following of people who actually want to do the deep dive work with you.

Why Webinars Work To Grow Your List and Fill Your Offers

Hands down, webinars are the best strategy to grow your list and fill your offer at the same time.

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You can create only one piece of free content that both finds leads and converts them.

Here are the 5 reasons why webinars are my #1 lead generation strategy:

  1. A webinar grows your list and fills your offers at the same time.
  2. You can share your expertise to help your audience solve a problem.
  3. You create an experience of you as teacher and guide which creates desire to work with you on a deeper level.  
  4. You can demonstrate your ability to help them get results and overcome objections to moving forward.
  5. You can create a webinar once and automate it to work as an asset in your business for years to come.

One Webinar. 80,000 People Reached.

Yes, it takes some time upfront to nail the right content for your webinar. But, I can tell you the long-term return is crazy.

I have one webinar that I have been leading for years. This free webinar has attracted over 80,000 people to follow my work.

Imagine building one asset that creates a lead generation machine in your business. Even if you spent weeks crafting the perfect webinar, the return on this is phenomenal.

Let’s talk about what you need to include in your webinar for the best results.

The Four Things You Need to Include in Your Webinar

When designing your webinar, there’s four things that you need to include to make sure that you’re attracting the right people and that you’re moving them into action.

1) Focus on Their #1 Question

The first thing that you want to really think about is:  “What is the number one question my audience wants answered in this webinar?” Lead with the question you know they struggle to answer.

This is how you grab attention to get them into your webinar. It’s also how you provide the right content in your webinar to move them into deeper work with you.

Keep in mind that your audience’s questions are likely to be focused on symptoms they are experiencing. As an expert, you likely have a tendency to focus on the underlying issues that cause the symptoms.

For example, the ideal audience for a health coach’s course may have questions like:

“Why does my stomach always hurt after I eat?”

“How do I make this bloating go away?”

Notice how these questions are all centered around symptoms.

The health coach will need to resist the temptation to lead with the root issue of “gut health”, even though she knows this is what they need to work on, her audience doesn’t. They only want symptoms to go away.

Be careful to lead with the questions your audience has rather than what you know they really need to work on.

2) The 10-Minute Rule

The second thing that you want to think about is giving your audience information that they can apply right away.

I like to use the “10-minute rule” when it comes to developing webinar content. Choose to include content your audience can apply in ten minutes or less.

If you give too much information, your people will leave your webinar and spend too much time doing the work you’ve assigned to them. They may even think they have enough free information from your webinar and don’t need to invest in doing deeper dive work with you.

This is a disservice to your audience. If they don’t truly have what they need to get results, they are only being set up for discouragement.

The point of the webinar is to establish that you’re a guide that can help your people get results and the goal is to get them to take action and to move forward in getting that result with you.

3) Give A Clear Next Step

When your audience leaves your webinar, what is it that you want them to do? Your goal is to have your audience go to your offer sales page and register.

Be clear about what you want your audience to do and give them direction.

4) Overcome Their Barriers

Think about what holds your audience back from taking action. Even if your audience loves you and loves your content, there are still barriers that can hold them back.

Some of those barriers may sound like:

  • I’m not going to be able to do this
  • I don’t have time for this
  • I’m not ready for this

Those mental barriers are going to prevent your people from doing the important work with you. To help them move forward, you need to systematically address each barrier in your webinar.

For example, one executive coach that I worked with wanted to empower women leaders to take charge of their own career development. The barrier that was getting in the way was a limiting belief holding them back. Here is how we worked together to address it:

Limiting belief: My company should be providing me with the training and development I need.

We worked together to craft a storyline that shifted this belief to a more empowering one:

New empowering belief: I am in charge of my own development. This is how I create the career and life I want.

Once she introduced this new belief in her webinar and her audience embraced it, she was able to consistently fill her group executive coaching program on auto-pilot.

You can break through each barrier by crafting an intentional storyline in your webinar. When you do this, you encourage your audience to rethink their approach by sharing powerful mindset shifts that will enable them to move forward and get results.

Next Steps

Those are four things you need to focus on in your webinar. When you do address each with intention and flow, you create a transformative experience for your audience.

Want Deeper Support?

Need help nailing your webinar using a strategic formula that takes out the second-guessing?

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