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How to Create Multiple Offers from ONE Online Course (Without Creating More Content)

How can you create multiple offers from one piece of content?

It’s so easy for all of us to get stuck in constantly creating content instead of focusing on how we create revenue. If you are like me, it’s easy to fall into the “content trap” that keeps you stuck in the idea that you need to create more to add more value.

If you are working on or just launched your first online course and you can already see opportunities for your next course and your next, let’s chat!

What happens when we move from creating one piece of content to the next is that we’re leaving a lot of opportunity to serve on the table because our audience is looking for deeper levels of support.

Here’s how you can create one piece of content and quickly have multiple ways to serve your audience with that one piece of content.

Your Online Course is the Perfect Main Offer

Imagine that your business is a series of experiences that your audience has with you. I like to think of it like it’s a funnel that goes deeper, as clients go deeper in their relationship with you.

Your online course is the main offer in your funnel. This is the way most of your clients will first work with you.

The great thing about this is that you can offer your course at a price point your ideal clients will happily invest in because you are able to serve them one-to-many.

“One-to-many”, in this case, means you can create and record your course content and serve an unlimited amount of people. Some of these people are going to experience your course and then ask, “Do you have a way that I can work with you more closely?”

Next Level Offers: Add On Group Support

You can easily add opportunities for your customers to work with you at a deeper level without creating more content.  

For example, you can add on a small group coaching program. Your clients be coached by you directly while they experience your online course. Not only are they gaining the knowledge and skills in the core course work, they’re also getting the opportunity to work with you in a small group and get direct feedback.

This represents a second level of offer for your audience and you’re offering it at a higher price point because it is more access to you

Think of it like:

Online Course= $

Online Course + Group Coaching  = $$

The important thing that I want you to see is that you’re not creating new content here. You have your online course as your main offer and the only difference between the course and the course + coaching is that they get to interact with you in a small group.

Higher Level Offers: Add On One-on-One Support and Feedback

Could you go deeper with clients? Absolutely!

A simple way to create a higher level offer is to add a private coaching package.

Online Course= $$

Online Course + Group Coaching  = $$

Online Course + Group Coaching + One-to-One Support = $$$

Some of your audience wants to work directly with you and they are happy to invest to get that time with you. Think of your high level offer as the most support and/or direct access to you.

This does not have to be one-to-one. There are many ways you can assemble your levels of support around the type of work you want to get up and do every day.

This is simply an illustration of how one offer (your online course) quickly becomes three offers, without creating any new content.

The best part: You can offer all three options on your sales page when you launch your course. You market and promote once. Your clients get to decide which level of support they need to achieve the results they want.


We love to create. It’s the bright and shadow side of being an entrepreneur, right? We create one thing, and we go to the next thing.

Here’s the thing: If you want to maximize profit in your business, building deeper offers is how you do this.

You find a client once and then serve them multiple ways.

You create one piece of content and create multiple streams of revenue.

So what do you think? Are you in the content trap? Do you find yourself creating too much content? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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