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How Do I Convince Customers of the Value of My High-Level Offers?

How do you find highly invested clients that want to do the deep work with you in your higher ticket offers?

Attracting highly invested clients that are ready and willing to invest to do the deep dive work with you begins long before they make a decision to enter into your higher price course or your coaching program.

Your clients decide on your value by looking at five “experience factors” that you can control.

Let’s walk through these factors so that you can intentionally include these in your marketing.  

As we walk through these five factors, ask yourself, “Am I including this in the messaging I am putting out to my ideal clients?”

The Five Factors That Are A Must In Your Marketing to Land High Ticket Clients:


The first thing we’re going to look at how you establish your value. Are you leading with the value that you create for your clients?

First, establishing your value is not about:

  • how great your content is
  • how many training modules you have in your course
  • how many checklists and tools you added to your program
Establishing value is about focusing on the transformation that your audience will have as they do the work with you. Share on X

Think about is as the movement your clients will make from where they are now to where they want to be when they work with you.

Share this transformation in all your client touch points.


The second factor is authority. Are you claiming your authority as an expert in what you do through your marketing?

I know, I know.  It can feel uncomfortable saying, “Look at me, I am an expert”. Imposter Syndrome kicks in and we begin thinking, “Who am I to be leading people through this experience?”

One easy way you can establish yourself as an expert is to emphasize that you have a method for getting results. You have a system and a step-by-step way of helping your clients get results.

What is your system? Your method? Your blueprint? Your secret sauce?

Name it.

Claim it.

Share it.

Think about all the places that you can talk about your method in your marketing.

That’s how you establish authority.


The third element that you should include in your marketing is social proof.

Sharing social proof simply means that you’re sharing success stories of your clients that are just like your ideal clients.

You want your audience to think, “Wow, you’re working with that person, that person is just like me”. When they see this, they know you can help them, too.

You might be saying, “Well Jeanine, I don’t have clients yet that I’ve helped using what I am teaching in my course or program”.

I’m willing to bet you might be your own first client. Am I right? Tell the story of how you created this transformation for yourself using the method that you’re going to be sharing with your ideal clients.

Share stories of how others have found success using your method.


Think about how you show up for your clients:

  • How do you show up in person?
  • How do you show up online when they get an email from you?
  • What is their impression when they visit your website?
  • When they get on the phone with you?

Ask yourself: Does everything they experience with you line up with the value that you create?

When it does, your audience sees value in working with you and they’re willing to invest at a high level.


It takes confidence to put out that higher level, deep dive support work at a higher price point.

How do you gain confidence?

The key to feeling confident in inviting people in to do this work with you is to say to yourself, “I am totally committed to helping my clients get the results they want in this experience”.

That’s the basis of the confidence. It’s not that you’ve done it before.

It’s not that you have 20 clients that have already have results.

It is simply rooted in a commitment you make to yourself that I’m going to make sure that they get way more value from this than they ever invest. This commitment will give you the confidence to charge what you are worth.


Think about these five elements. Ask yourself where could you emphasize this more in your marketing? What are you missing? What are you already doing?

What would need to be present for you to invest at a high level with an expert?

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