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Case Study: How to Create an Online Course (and Get Paid To Do It)

Case Study: How One Expert Got Paid to Create An Online Course


Too many consultants, experts and coaches get stuck trading time for money. Whether it’s working one-on-one or spending most of your time traveling from client to client, you’re so busy it feels impossible to find the time to create and launch an online course.

While many experts see their clients as obstacles to making the transition to creating a product that works for you, the truth is you can leverage your existing connections to pay you to create your online course. That’s exactly what Catherine Trebble did using the 30-Day Course-to-Cash Plan™ we teach in the Create 6-Figure Courses Launch Lab.

I invited Catherine to share her experience of launching a “beta launch” with you today (think of it as a small launch before your “big” launch.

How to Create an Online Course (And Get Paid to Create It)
A guest post from Catherine Trebble

I was sitting in the airport waiting for my delayed flight home when I got a distress call from my daughter. She’d just broken both her wrists in gym class and was at the hospital. Yes, she was being cared for by the hospital staff and her teacher, but my heart ached as I wasn’t physically there for her.

That’s when I decided I had to work out how I could get off the road teaching my digital media courses and develop an online version of them.

I soon realized teaching online is a different animal altogether. While looking for help, I found Jeanine Blackwell and her brilliant systems.

As I started to work through the Create 6-Figure Courses Launch Lab systems on how to maximize my launch, I was totally blown away by the realization of how many people I could reach and serve. I decided to launch a beta version of my online course, because that would give me the revenue I’d need to take time off work to create all the course materials.

To start, I invited 323 former students whom had previously attended in-person courses with me for the beta launch of my 30 Day Challenge to Facebook Mastery for Salons, Spas & Clinics.

I explained their investment for the beta version would include a one-to-one call with me each week over the 4 week course where I help them with their specific queries. I would usually charge a premium fee for access to me, but this was a two-way street. I would be looking for feedback from them to help me to improve my course.

I signed up 68 people from my small list and generated $7,224 in just four days while I was completing the recording and delivery of my online course!

As a result, I was able to take time off work as I created the course content. Plus, there were other big benefits to launching before my course was complete:

  • A beta launch forced me to finish creating my online course. Knowing I was only three lessons ahead of my students really focused my mind, as I knew I had to have the lessons uploaded in time!
  • The feedback I got from my students has been invaluable, and I’m sure the testimonials will be, too.
  • The confidence this experience has given me is phenomenal! I am now preparing for my BIG launch at the beginning of October for my salon, spa and clinic owners niche.

Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time and money trying to figure it all out by yourself. Following Jeanine’s launch formula has allowed me to massively reduce the amount of time I work while currently earning double the income I had previously.

The best part? I now work a schedule that’s far more conducive to family life. That’s been worth everything to me.

* * * * *

Catherine is a perfect example of what can happen when you stop saying, “But I haven’t finished my online course, program or….,” and take action. Sure you can keep putting it off until everything is perfectly in place or you can start making revenue and have your people help you create your course.

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What’s your biggest questions about launching your course, program or offer?


  1. Regina Wells says:

    Hi Jeanine.
    Thank you for sharing Catherine Trebble’s story.
    I found your name on my niece, Morgan Wells’s FB site and I am inspired as I read from your website.

    I am a gifted Singer and Healing Arts Practitioner working a modest practice online and soon returning to a part time Activity Therapist position in Addiction Medicine after a medical leave.

    I have a vision of teaching “Embodied Movement and Presence” and regularly offering Reiki Distance Healing and Sound online.
    What’s my next step?

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