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Need to Generate Revenue Fast? Create Your Plan in One Hour

Do you need to get cash flowing in your business now? Cash is the priority in any business. Having a way to generate revenue fast any time you need it is the key to freedom in your business.

Every month, I have folks in our community sharing how they used this same approach to find their first 5, 6, 7+ clients generating $5-$7k in a month.

There are three things you must embrace to grow your business: simplicity, focus, and speed.

I have had over 30 thousand coaches in my community this past year who want to make the leap to serve bigger, grow a tribe and have more freedom in their businesses and lives.

The reasons that many of them will not achieve this goal are:

  • Overwhelm themselves by making it harder than it needs to be
  • Make their offer too complicated
  • Waiting… to “grow a list”, to get clear, to find the perfect tech tools, etc.
  • They think they need to have a product finished before they create revenue.

These are the same reasons that most experts won’t make the leap in their business that they are capable of making.

Your 5-Step Plan to Generate Revenue Fast:

Step 1:  Set your revenue goal and time frame.

Choose a revenue goal.

Set a time frame to achieve that goal. I recommend 30 days.

Step 2:  Create your plan.

Decide what you are offering. Because you want to generate revenue fast, you need to offer something simple which does not require a ton of set-up, pre-work or hours of reflection.

For example, an easy offer to put together is a package of one-on-one coaching sessions. I have seen health experts, fitness trainers, computer programmers, life coaches, HR experts and many others use this strategy.

There are many options. Just remember to keep it simple and doable.

For example, a tech expert put together a package for tech support and generated 12k in revenue in 30 days. This freed up his time to start working on his online course, knowing he had revenue coming in.

Step 3:  Decide the price of your offer and set your enrollment goal.

Then, divide your revenue goal by the price of your offer to figure out how many enrollments you need.

If you create an offer of a 3-month coaching package for $997 and your revenue goal is $5,000, your enrollment goal is 5 clients.

Step 4: Create a plan to fill your offer.

For example, if you created a 4-week online learning offer that includes a 4 weekly calls, the steps in your plan might be:

1) Write a compelling description of the offer
2) Create a prospect list: There are 10+ different places you can promote your offer for FREE.

Here are some of the questions you can ask yourself as you are creating a prospect list: Who do I know that is a great fit for this offer? Where do the people that have a need for this offer hang out online? What online forums can I post in to get leads that I enroll in my offer?

3) Send out invites to connect with your prospects and explore the impact your offer could make for them. Reach out to your prospect list and post on social media, inviting people into a free call with you to explore their problem and how your offer can solve that problem.
4) Script what you will say in these calls.
5) Create a simple plan to follow up and enroll your target number of clients including fast action bonuses to get your clients to say “YES” quickly.

Are you ready to generate revenue FAST? Click here to download the checklist of what you need to implement this plan and get started today.

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