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3 Free Tools for Creating Videos to Launch An Online Course

Let’s talk about creating videos to launch your online course. Why? Videos, like all images, dramatically increase the engagement of your audience.

You only have 3 seconds to grab the attention of your audience online. That’s the average attention span of your audience when they view your ad in their newsfeed or view your sales page.

So, how do you capture (and keep) their attention?

The most powerful tool you you can use to have your online marketing messages stand out (and the teaching content you share stick)? Images.

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Share an image and you grab your audience’s attention 60,0000x faster. Creating videos to launch your online course dramatically increases attention on your sales pages, emails and Facebook ads.

Tweets with images will receive 150% more retweets and 89% more favorites.

Viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos.

In a previous post, I shared 16 Free Tools to Create a Lead Magnet including tools to create great images for your social media posts and other marketing messages.

3 Free Tools for Creating Videos to Launch An Online Course:

1. Flipagram
When I told my teenage daughter about Flipagram, she asked, “Is that like Instagram for old people?” Uh, no. It’s a cool new tool for sharing photos in a video format. Here’s a Flipagram I created in about 5 minutes with photos from a recent live event we hosted. How can you use this in a launch? Compile a visual story of screenshots of the your course content, Facebook forum comments, testimonials and great copy and you have a video to share on Facebook, on sales pages and social media.

2. Animoto
Turn your photos and chosen music into engaging slide shows. Again, you can use Animoto when creating videos to launch an online course. Quotes from your course participants, key teaching points from the course, testimonials and work can be added in blog posts that you share or Facebook posts.

3. Powerpoint or Keynote

Wondering how to launch an online course on a budget with video? Creating videos to launch your online course using Powerpoint or Keynote is simple, low-tech and low-budget. You can do a lot with Powerpoint (or Keynote on a Mac) to create visual content. Here’s a great post on Hubspot sharing how to create top notch visual content with slides.

What’s your biggest questions about creating video to launch an online course?


  1. John says:

    What are you thoughts on video that feature voice over to power points and talking heads videos?

    • Hi John, I think face video is always powerful and I think it adds a great deal to your course and/or content. And, 99% of the course creators in our community are teaching with voice over recorded with Powerpoint with great results and feedback from their learners. Thanks for reaching out, Jeanine

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