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Newsletter: How to Fill Your Online Courses – Without a Big List (Free Tool)

Newsletter: How to Fill Your Online Courses – Without a Big List (Free Tool)


In this issue, you will find a downloadable infographic, “6 Steps to Launch Your Program, Course, or Event Without a Big List” + a brand-new FREE LIVE QA/training to get your “growing my list” questions answered.

The most common question I get is “Do I need a big list?” and the second most common, “How do I find my people and drive traffic to my course?”

You can stop wondering about that. You can find them right now online through Google, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Your question isn’t “how to fill my online courses or programs”. The question is “How much should I invest to get in front of my people and then how much will I make in return?” What’s your return on investment?

The questions you are asking yourself are going to determine your success. And, if your questions are limiting, your growth will be limited.

It’s your moment,,

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3 Critical Questions to Ask to Fill Your Online Courses and Coaching Programs


1. What problem will you help your perfect clients solve?

You may have 20 problems you can help them solve. The key is to figure out where to start and that has everything to do with what they want to talk about.


2. How does each step in my course marketing convert?

If I told you that you could invest $10 in ads and get back $50 for every $10, would you be interested in this?

That’s the return I get on our Facebook campaigns marketing my courses and coaching programs. (Technically, it is now free because I market and quickly offer something that gives me 100% of my Facebook investment back the same day.)

If you invest $10 to make $50, you can do this 24/7.
The work you invest to get clear on your audience, identify their key problem and making sure you deliver the answer in your course, is the MOST important work to enable you to fill your online courses.


3. How will you create a series of experiences your clients easily say “YES” to?

Entrepreneurs who are successful growing their community and their revenue have created an “Experience Funnel” that leads clients to the next offer and the next “YES” without being “salesy”. If your funnel is more like a colander with lots of holes for clients to fall through, your first step is to create a launch funnel that works effectively to fill your list and your offers.

We will be talking about all these questions and more in our LIVE QA call happening this Friday. Plus, in our call I am going to walk through the “6 Steps to Launch Your Program, Course, or Event Without a Big List” tool you can download now below to create your list-building and launching plan (even if you are not sure what you are launching, yet).


by Seth Godin

The internet, the tools, the tech stuff can make it all possible, but it can’t provide the leadership your perfect people are looking for.

“Instead of always being on the hunt for one more set of eyeballs, true leaders have figured out that the real win is in turning a casual fan into a true one. …” —Seth Godin

You don’t need a big list. You need to find your perfect people and turn them into raving fans.

Your Over-Achiever’s Assignment

To create momentum,

In each issue of our newsletter, I’ll share simple actions you can take  NOW to make a big leap.

Click the green button below to download the “6 Steps to Launch Your Program, Course or Event without a Big List” now:


1. Save your spot for the Launch Lab Live Q&A Call happening tomorrow. In it, I will answer all of your launch questions – from technology to copy, offers, and more.

2.  Download the 6 Steps to Launch Your Program, Course, or Event Without a Big List Infographic.

3.  Reflect on the offer you are launching and where you are in the infographic. What would be the next best step for your business?

4. Bring your questions with you to the Live Q&A Call tomorrow.

Bring your questions with you to the Live Launch Lab Q&A Call tomorrow. I will walk you through the entire Experience Funnel and answer your questions along the way.

The key is to figure out the one thing you can do that will make the


Then, do that ONE thing first.

-Jeanine Blackwell

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