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Want to Create Your Course FAST? Avoid These 5 Time Wasters

I get to work with many experts who are creating their first online course. Your goal in creating an online course is to quickly get your concept out and into the hands of your clients. The faster your clients experience your course, the faster you can improve it and generate revenue.

The problem is that it is easy to get sidetracked and stuck in the process of creating your course. To help you stay on track, I want to share with you 5 time wasters that can sidetrack the creation of your online course:

Time Waster #1: Building a website or fancy course portal

You do not need a full-blown website or slick, custom-designed course platform to house your course content. There are only 3 web pages you need to launch. And, there are many great course hosting platforms that are simple to use. 

Time Waster #2: Spending time and money on creating high production value video

Your goal in launching your course is to get a minimally viable product out the door. After you launch the first time, you will likely see areas for improvement. This is why it’s important to wait on investing too much time in your video production.

Time Waster #3: Spending too much time “perfecting”

The only way to perfect your content is to put it in the hands of your ideal clients. Too many experts spend endless hours creating and recreating content and never launching.

Time Waster #4: Spending too much time on the tech stuff

If you are not a techie, then get help. Join a course that walks you through the tech aspects of creating your course. You can also inexpensively hire out what you choose not to do.

Time Waster #5: Constantly asking for feedback from potential clients, friends, and colleagues

I am a huge advocate of testing the “sellability” of your course idea before you create it. AND, it is important to move into action. Endlessly surveying and asking for feedback can land you in overwhelm.

The key to quickly creating and launching your online course FAST is to stay focused on the results you are going to help your ideal clients create.

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