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Create an Online Course from Your Big Idea – Worksheet

Create an Online Course from Your Big Idea – Worksheet

Ready to create an online course because you are really ready to leverage yourself and attract a steady stream of ideal clients? Wondering where to focus your course idea?

I’ve created a downloadable worksheet to help you take your big idea and create a profitable online course that perfectly positions you to attract your ideal “love them” clients.  There are three things to think about when choosing what to focus on when you create an online course:  your expertise, your client’s problem and what your ideal clients will invest in.

Here’s what we are going to do together:

1. Enter your email address below to download the Sweet Spot Worksheet and dig in to how to position you and your course as the “go to” solution in your niche. This is the first step to create an online course that attracts your ideal clients.

In the worksheet, I am going to share with you the exact questions to ask to define your “sweet spot” –the place you are ideally positioned to serve your clients where clients find you and revenue flows with much less effort.

2. After you complete the worksheet, post what you discover as your “sweet spot” here in the comments section. I’ll be online to give feedback over the next few days and help you narrow your idea so you can create an online course knowing you have a perfect market for it.

3. Join me for the FREE webinar training, “7 Steps to Creating and Launching Your Profitable Online Course”. I’ll be walking step-by-step how to take your idea and create an online course that stands out, creates results and easily attracts your ideal clients 24/7.

Looking forward to your ah-has – remember to comment below with your “sweet spot” so we can work together to position you as the go-to expert in your niche.



  1. Hi Jeanine – great worksheet, and I loved your webinar! Learned a ton.

    My sweet spot is showing women professionals and entrepreneurs how to ask for and get paid what they are worth, and stop the under-earning cycle.

    Included is my system they can follow that is the basis for my Gallant Negotiator model for influencing, persuading and negotiating with integrity.

    Looking forward to hearing more.

    Warm regards,

    • This is great, Carrie! And, thanks for the feedback 🙂

      Now, go to the third circle of the problem they have that they will invest in solving. Detail that a bit more…why is this an urgent issue? What is it costing them? What would they type into a Google search to find an answer/solution to this problem?

      Getting really specific will help you zone in on your offer. And, you have a great offer-lots of experts and coaches need this.


  2. I want to create an online version of my successful, 5-figure teacher coaching program and use it to help the professors in my program:

    -Get revitalized by new teaching keys that unlock both their and their students’ potential
    -Get beyond the sufficiency goal of “just trying to get through the material on the syllabus” to goals about connecting their courses to their students’ passions and interests, empowering their students to be more proactive, ambitious, and creative in their application of course concepts, and above all, give ALL their students the tools and opportunities to have a breakthrough moment in their courses.
    -Take risks, experiment, and co-create the course with their students to get the kind of lively exchange of ideas they have always wanted, but have often been unable to get.

    Really looking forward to NOT being the expert in how to make this transition to online work and to learning from Jeanine the way my profs learn from me.

  3. This is great, Carrie! And, thanks for the feedback 🙂

    Now, go to the third circle of the problem they have that they will invest in solving. Detail that a bit more…why is this an urgent issue? What is it costing them? What would they type into a Google search to find an answer/solution to this problem?

    Getting really specific will help you zone in on your offer. And, you have a great offer-lots of experts and coaches need this.


  4. Hi Jeanine —

    I want to create an online version of my True Being, Inc. course — a program that shows spiritual healers, coachers and solo-entrepreneurs how to move out of the time for money business mindset into a strategic, progressive series of service offerings so they can have more freedom and authentic, scalable success.

    I think I might have my own series of progressive offerings in that idea and look forward to unpacking it and learning how to set it up for maximum learner value! So glad to have found you and your work! Thank you!


  5. Thanks for this insightful little exercise Jeanine! I’ve just signed up for your bootcamp and really look forward to diving in fully!
    I am working on a course for parents of children with chronic or autoimmune illness. I hope to inspire parents into taking action to change their children’s health through the power of diet and integrative health. I have help my son with an autoimmune condition when everyone told me there was nothing I could do. I want to be sure other parents have access to the information and protocols that can really help them help their kids and to make it as easy for them to get started as possible.

  6. Kylie says:

    Hi Jeanine,
    Thanks for the worksheet and webinar. Now I know where to start.
    I am however having trouble narrowing down my focus though. I am an artist who teaches a variety of classes in other peoples courses, but was wanting to start a community of my own, possibly on ning. There are so many other artists doing this so I’m having trouble working out why I would stand out and how I would do things differently.
    I eventually want to teach how to draw faces (both in a whimsical and realistic style, using a variety of mediums) but think I need to start with a foundations class for inspiration and encouragement. Teaching students ‘how to get out of their own way’, ‘anyone can learn to draw’, ‘letting go of comparison and your idea of what is right’, etc. Does this make sense to you?
    I think typing all of the above has helped me to tighten my focus a little…….how about that? =D
    Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Kylie =D

    • Hi Kylie, Well, first, the fact that there are other people out there doing what you want to do is a really GREAT thing. I know that moment when you see yet another person doing what you really want to do. That feeling that you missed the window or “Man, that is do good.” Ugh.

      It’s all a great sign. And, your question about standing out is the key here.

      Who do you really want to work with? Building a business is about creating what you really want. What do you really want to do?

      My first thought that popped when I saw what you want to do: what if you narrowed your audience niche? For example, whimsical faces could be something than any corporate trainers, speakers, educators would LOVE to be able to draw–people who create on whiteboards and flip charts? You could have a course targeting this audience.

      Not that this is THE idea, but it is an example of how to stand out. When you go more narrow, you can stand out FAST. And, keep in mind, going narrow does not mean you can’t have versions of your course for different markets

      Food for thought 🙂 This is what we work on as our first step in creating your course. It’s key and alot of folks miss this. Cheers!

  7. I am in the process of creating an online course from my signature talk. I have a 5 step process that I go through showing you how to Delegate.Grow.Live – You have to Delegate to Grow your biz to have the lifestyle you want . With my 30 years of experience in teaching my bosses and clients how to delegate and get out of the Overwhelm I put the steps together and now speak and do 1 – 1’s but want to have the course out there for everyone.

    • Hi Linda,

      Great work! What is going to be critical is being really clear on the pain behind the problem. The problem is overwhelm. So, taking on a course sounds like one more thing to do, right?

      Make a list of their pain–the symptoms, the things they say, what it is costing them, why they can’t keep going like this. You can use this brainstorm to work on what we call the “Transformation Statement” in the Bootcamp. It’s important to nail this-it will help you in course design and in your marketing copy creation.

      Great path you are on here! cheers,Jeanine

  8. can’t make any of the times you have listed. Considering it’s pre-recorded, how can I watch it at night in Hawaii (six hours earlier than Eastern time)

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I have worked with High School students for the last 20 years as a work experience placement officer. I place the students at jobs but they are lacking skills and confidence on what to do when they get to the job. They are taught how to make a resume but I would like to develop a program for teens on how to apply for a job, how to present themselves at their job and teach them what it takes to make an AMAZING employee. Work ethics are lacking when it comes to the teen generation but I also feel, in their defense, that they can’t fix what they don’t know. A course for teens in how to become Employee of the Month would be a big asset.

    • HI Elizabeth, I think you are really on to something that can make a big impact. Food for thought: you can have several audiences to market this program to including high school guidance counselors, parents, new employers and, of course, the teens you are serving.

      Cheers! Jeanine

  10. As a life coach I’m looking to speak, teach,add new clients- reach more people with my proven formula for forward living. This is what I came up with but not sure it’s enough to stand apart from other life coaches.

    I desire to help the stressed Christian woman tired of feeling overwhelmed who is ready to be energized by her passion and purpose and enjoy her changed life.

    H.O.P.E. is my proven four-step formula for forward living. Each step pulls you out of those stuck places of fear and unforgiveness, the doubts holding you back, not knowing your purpose or passion and being too stressed to be blessed. Each step is designed to move you forward into your destiny and enjoy the life you’ve always wanted.

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    • Hi Lori,

      First, I love that you are getting specific about the woman you are serving. Just this past week, I worked with one of my private clients to build a Facebook traffic campaign to their course. It was so much easier to target specific audiences when you get clear on who your people are. One suggestion: It is often helpful to think about how your work will help that person solve a current problem they have. Your HOPE method could be positioned to a current issue–you can do this in your course program and marketing with some strategic structuring. Cheers! Jeanine

  11. simon says:

    Hi Jeanine

    very good information on top.. I am having problems I am in a service based business right now and we reverse engineer business funnels and deploy sales funnels and membership sites for any one near enought ( that’s the problem) done it for coaches, and consultants and others…

    Now it’s very time consuming and I want to get out of this business model and move towards leverageing my time with own program the problem I am having is..

    Who do I target for a course

    – newbies
    – coaches
    – consultants
    – successful entrepreneurs..

    or can i drill down further business coaching for NLP Coaches could I do that?

    is business coaching for coaches to broad? is business coaching for professional coaches to broad?

    but theres many entrepreneurs some that are broke and some that are millionaires how can you target specificially? I am having a problem with who I serve as I have many avatars.. newbies… could be coaches and consultants but the problem with coaches and consultants that is to broad and my message speaks to no one…

    theres millon dollar consultants and theres broke consultants.. how do you target and create ads that speak to them etc.. this is the problem I am having with … I am interested in joining your program as need clarity in this i need this answered:

    I am in the service based business and I want to transition over to leveragingmy time with my own signature program the problem I am having is there are several niches and avatars I can go into.. but I am stuck on this one… I need to target a small segment of a market so I can tailor my message to them and I am having trouble with that

    so the big problem is this do i create course for coaches ( but theres very rich coaches and poor coaches) and same thing for consultants ( rich and not so rich) and same thing for
    entepreneurs ( rich and not so rich) or newbies who are just starting out from job etc..

    I dont know who to target as there are many to target I hope you understand all this

    thank you


    • Hello Simon,
      It is great that you are thinking about how to focus your audience and narrow your niche. The best way to do this is to think about the question you will help them answer. For instance, let’s imagine you want to work with consultants build their business. Focusing on the question of “How do I find my first paying clients?” will attract your new consultant audience you mentioned. Focusing on the question of “How do I find, manage and compensate a virtual team to support the growth of my coaching business?” will attract more seasoned consultants. Targeting the right audience begins with choosing the right question to answer. The research we will do in Module 1 of the Bootcamp is solely focused on getting clear on this question-as, it will become the basis of your course and your next level offers. Great to “meet” you! Jeanine

  12. Good afternoon:
    I am an alchemist and a fragrance chemist. What it means is that I have gathered knowledge over the years of how to recreate ancient fragrances, such as Egyptian, Lemurian, Atlantian, Phoenician. It’s sort of a crazy ability that I was born with. own an incense company where we use a lot of these fragrances in products.

    However, I know that I can do more, and I am not sure what the sweet spot really is.
    I will join your webinar this evening to see what inspirations I receive.

    I thank you for your dedication
    Mine’ Hakim
    Birch Bay, Washington

    • Hello Mine’

      Any inspiration show up? One place to start might be to think of the questions your audience has related to the use of aromatics? Interested to hear what shows up for you. Cheers, Jeanine

  13. Thanks a lot for this info and for posting!

  14. Laura Williams says:

    Looking forward to that Sweet Spot questionnaire.

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