Cash in on Your Content:  Your Course to Fast List Growth




What our clients say:

“… Jeanine’s work … is making such a big difference in my business. If you are looking to put together a course that can get your work out into the world, and you care that people are inspired by it and the design moves them into action (and into other courses you offer), I would highly consider Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell as your person for getting it done…”

Lisa Sasevich, Multi-7 Figure Creator of The Invisible Close®

“We use the system Jeanine teaches to design every course, every marketing message, every piece of content we deliver. It has made all the difference in the exponential growth of our company and community. Year after year, our clients ask us, ‘What’s next?’ because the courses and content we deliver consistently produce results.”

Virginia Meyer, Co-founder and COO of redCHOCOLATE® Training

“I’ve trained tens of thousands of people in the online marketing space so when it was time for me to develop a five-star course for me, there was only one choice: find the very best.

Jeanine Blackwell has a unique genius as a curriculum and course ‘whisperer’. My mastermind and brainstorming sessions with Jeanine in channeling my course is one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done in my business. Instead of dreading doing it myself and putting it off, it was a joy to co-create it with Jeanine. I could not recommend Jeanine’s system any more highly.”

Wendy S.

“This was one of the wisest and most fruitful investments I have made since starting my business. Various courses give you the general overview of what you need to know… but this course has a level of clear why’s, what’s and how to’s that make all the difference. This course has allowed me to create a product that I can be proud of. Jeanine Blackwell is an amazing guide and instructor. She applies her expertise directly in support of your course creation. A tremendous value-add! I have experienced many “Aha” moments and have learned things that will help my business overall including the production of other products.”

Clarence C.

“Taking Jeanine Blackwell’s Create 6-Figure Courses was one of the best business decisions my husband and I made this year. We are both amazed at the level of instruction that we received. And we are thrilled with what we were able to create from an existing live program that we have been teaching for 14 years. The online program is going to be so much better and the next time we teach the live program it will be better than ever.”

Eva L.

“I have just gone through the notebook in module 6 and I must say: This alone is worth the whole fee for the course. During the last couple of years I have spent so much time and money on finding out which platforms exist and trying how to use them that I really wish I had known this notebook before. It would have saved me thousands of dollars (time, platform fees, wrong decisions…). Thank you Jeanine for this wonderful tool – and of course for the rest of the course which is of equal value.”

Monika B.

“We knew lots about our content but little about how to get it out of our minds and into a course. After completing Create 6-Figure Courses Virtual Bootcamp we feel so confident about debuting our consulting company through online courses. I highly recommend Jeanine’s simple approach to effectively sharing your brilliance with others.”

Wendy M.

“What attracted me to creating my own course was the lifestyle fit it offered me – I could create it once and sell it many times over. You have to experience something in order to truly be able to build an authentic course and sharing my journey with Jeanine and the great people I did the course with made that an enjoyable and powerful experience for me.”

Ciara F.

“I signed on because I didn’t know what it meant to actually write a course. Now, I feel more confident in bringing my authentic voice into my business instead of emulating someone else and through Jeanine and the momentum of the group, there is a mentality of success in the air. How can one not want to do this?”

Lisa B.



is on the other side of what you fear.

-Jeanine Blackwell