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9 No-Cost Ways to Sell Your Online Course

9 No-Cost Ways to Sell Your Online Course

In our Create 6-Figure Courses™ Virtual Bootcamp, I often get asked, “What are some no cost ways to sell your online course?” There are three primary channels for driving traffic to and selling your online courses: paid traffic (Google, Facebook, etc.), your email subscriber list or other people’s subscriber lists. Let’s talk about some low-effort, no cost ways to market your online course:

1. Create a specific offer for your ideal course participant.

You can reframe the coupon concept into a “High Motivation Scholarship” for the fast action takers who register by a certain date.

2. Request a course review by a popular blogger or online expert who serves a similar audience and include a link to your course.

Think of some popular blogs that your ideal audience would be reading. Many bloggers will happily review an online course. Reach out via email and share an invitation to experience your course and a request for a review. “Greetings Popular Blogger, Your blog is on my must-read list.  ….” This is a great way to drive traffic to your opt-in pages and, ultimately, sell your online course.

3. Promote at live events.

When you are networking, attending a conference or speaking at a local Chamber of Commerce, it can be awkward to get into full-on sales mode marketing your online course. Instead, invite people to a complimentary webinar training or conference call that specifically focuses on your course topic.

4. Be a guest celebrity.

Who do you know that has a following that includes your ideal audience? Reach out to these folks with an offer of value to their audience. “I think we have an opportunity to support our mutual communities. My community is really interested in <expert’s area of content>  and I would love to explore featuring you to them. Your community would likely be interested in knowing more about <your area of expertise>.  Let’s chat about how we can create something for our tribes…”

5. Create highly searchable blog posts.

Make a list of 5 questions your audience would likely type into Google related to your course topic. Create one blog post to answer each question and include the phrase your audience might use in your blog title. So, if your people are wondering how to help their child study, write a blog post “Ten Ways to Help Your Child Study…without a struggle.”

6. Go back and include links in past blog posts and videos.

While it may be obvious to include a link to your course sales page in any blog posts or videos you create, it is important to remember to go back and tag any past content you have posted. Tag all of your blog posts and videos with a link to your course including past blogs you have posted.

7. Promote on your email signature.

Share a link to your free preview content or sales page in your email signature. Your colleagues, vendors, and existing clients are often a great partner in helping you to sell your online course.

8. Get active on discussion forums.

An easy way to market an online course is to find 5 online discussion forums that your ideal clients frequent. Commit to commenting daily and contributing something of value (answer a question, share a link, etc). Give first and then invite the community deeper into your experience with an invitation to a free tool, webinar, etc. related to your course topic.

9. Create a compelling newsletter/e-zine.

Send out a regular email communication to your community that includes a link to your latest blog. You can drive traffic to your sales page and sell your online course by including a resource from your course-a tip, a tool, a success story, or a great “aha” insight from a participant.

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  1. Miranda says:

    Love this list – thanks for sharing it!

    We’re constantly looking for tips and tricks that the instructors using our platform to create courses can use, and I’ll probably just send some of them to you 😉

    In particular, making old blog posts do double duty, and simply getting out there to hustle are gold.


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