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8 Different Ways to Create an Online Course

Wondering how to create an online course? There is more than one way to get your course up and running. If you’re looking for some fast, lower-tech ways to get launched, here are 8 Different Ways to Create an Online Course.

I know you already see the value in creating an online course. There are BIG wins that come from (finally) having a way to serve clients without selling your time:

You can serve more people.

You can teach once, record, and then deliver over and over.

You create a predictable stream of revenue.

BIG BONUS: You do all of this while freeing up time.

Kind of a no brainer, right?


Even though it’s a no-brainer, it can still be easy to procrastinate on getting this to the finish line.  

Let’s walk through the different ways you can to get your online course launched. No matter what approach you choose, the most important thing that you need to focus on is this: creating content that creates results for your audience. 

If you want to talk more about how to figure out what content you should include in your course to deliver the results your audience wants, I walk through how to do that in this free training. 

Let’s dive in.

8 Different Ways to Create an Online Course 

#1 Webinar 

One thing you can do really quickly is lead your people through how to create results in a webinar. You can do this live. You don’t have to record anything in advance. You can choose to use slides or show your face through your webcam.

#2 Q&A Session  

You can lead a live question and answer session. 

You can host a live teleconference via conference service or web service such as Zoom. And, you could even prepare for the questions in advance. Your audience can submit questions in advance and you simply walk through them in your QA session.

#3 Teleclass

It sounds old school, right? Think of this like an audio only webinar. What’s powerful about this is that you don’t have to create slides or worry about a camera. There’s nothing to do in advance. 

One of my clients has generated over 7-figures from one course that is entirely audio only plus some well-crafted downloadable tools. She was able to do this because she focuses on sharing the right information her students need to get results.

#4 Email Challenge

You could do a mini course delivered as an email challenge that walks your people through the steps to get the results that you help them get. Think about writing a series of emails that moves your audience step-by-step through implementation.

#5 Virtual Retreat

Are you wondering how to create an online course when your work adapts based on each client? If you value one-on-one interaction, you can simulate a live workshop online with a virtual retreat format.

Imagine you and your students working together via video conference. You can teach, share tools, answer questions, and collaborate in a real-time setting.

#6 Livestream Event

A livestream event allows your audience to see you delivering the content in real-time. You could do this using Facebook live and your audience can interact with you via chat. During many of my livestream events, I am often working with a live audience in a workshop while also streaming the content out to our virtual attendees.

I use this format in our Inner Circle Virtual Incubator retreats. I’m able to collaborate and  give feedback with the group to create and launch their online courses. We do this over four days, online, and the small group collaborates with our faculty in a private Facebook group.

#7 Virtual Bootcamp

This is typically a more robust learning experience that includes additional support. In addition to learning modules, you can deliver support through live feedback or QA calls and/or online community such as a private Facebook group.

#8 Package A Bundle

Here is the fun part: You can take any of these and put them together to create a higher level offer.

For example:

Email Challenge + Livestream Event

Virtual Retreat + QA Session 

There are so many different, creative ways that we can create  your online course content and get it out there fast. 

The Most Important Thing: Focus on Creating Results

No matter what format you choose, the key is to focus on getting results for your students.

  1. Work backwards from the results you will deliver.
  2. Choose a course format that works for you.

If you want to see examples of how to work backwards from the results you will create, I walk through examples of this in this training.

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