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7 Steps to Create and Launch Your Online Course

7 Steps to Create and Launch Your Online Course

Overwhelmed about how to create and launch your online course? Here’s the 7 steps I share in our Create 6-Figure Courses Virtual Bootcamp™ that you can use to create and launch your profitable online course FAST:

1. Test the sell ability of your course idea before you start to create and launch your online course.

There are many ways you can test the sell ability of your course to know that you have a marketable “big idea.”

2. Get clear on the problem your course will solve by listening to your client’s struggles and desires.

Your clients are looking to solve a problem. Ask questions of your audience like, “What’s your biggest question related to?”

3. Structure your course content to solve the problem (include the need to have)

Once you know the problem you are tackling, edit your content to quickly solve that problem. You have to get ruthless here and sort between “nice to know” and “need to know” content.

4. Engage every learning style.

There are four primary learning styles and you need to engage all of them. This is critical because you want your course buyers to apply what you are teaching and get results.

5. Record your content.

Now, you record your content using some really simple tools like your webcam and a screen capture tool like Screenflow (Mac) or Camtasia (PC).

6. Host your content on a hosting platform that integrates payment.

We recommend using a platform that provides a built-in course sales page, ability to accept payments, video hosting and webinar functionality.

7. Launch using a proven formula.

There is no need to over-complicate launching. You can spin your wheels trying to figure it out or copy someone who has had success. I vote for shamelessly stealing what works. We use a simple formula of a preview webinar, free supplemental videos and combine this with a series of very targeted emails.

How to create and launch a profitable online course? Start with the problem your client wants to solve. Organize your course to deliver a powerful solution and you will have a winning online course formula.


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