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6 Tools You Need to Create and Launch Your Online Course

Are you wondering what tools you need to create and launch your online course? 

Let’s dig in and review the list of what you need to create and launch your first course.

Every year, I work with thousands of experts like you in my Create 6-Figure Courses community who are learning to create and launch their first course.  I can tell you firsthand that you do not need to be a techie to successfully launch your course. 

So, if you have been a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out what you need, you can let that go now.

1. Landing Page Creation Tool

I often get asked, “Do I need a website to launch an online course?” Nope. All you need to launch your online course are three simple web pages: a sales page, a thank you page and an opt-in to your free offer page. 

You can create these pages yourself using one of the many do-it-yourself landing page creation tools out there. Or, if you are more tech-savvy, you can use one of many WordPress plugins (or themes) that are available to help you create landing pages.

2. Email and Marketing Automation Tool

Once a prospect opt-ins to your free offer (a webinar, for example), you will follow up with them with a series of well-crafted emails. These emails will guide your leads through your sales experience leading right into the sale of your online course. 

To do this, you will need an email and marketing automation system. There are many options from free tools that offer basic functionality to premium tools with more robust features available. In the Tech Tools Guide, I make some recommendations based on your needs and your budget.

3. Video Creation Tools

It is likely that you will include video learning modules in your course. You can choose to create “face” videos with you talking directly into the camera or screen capture videos that record images from your computer (think slides being shared on your computer). I recommend you start with screen capture videos because they are easier to produce.

If you do choose to include face video, a lot of folks in our community record their videos using an iPhone or similar device.

4. Webinar Service

One of the most effective ways to launch your online course is to give your potential participants an experience of you as a teacher. This is one of the reasons that I recommend offering a free preview webinar during your launch. 

You can strategically choose a sample of your course content and teach this in your webinar. To do this, you will need a webinar hosting tool. There are free tools and premium options that you can use to do this.

5. Payment Processor

It’s hard to describe the feeling of opening your inbox and seeing email notifications of money being deposited in your account from your online course sales. When I first experienced this, it was a feeling of finally achieving real freedom in my business. 

For you to experience that same feeling, you will need a way to accept payments from all the folks wanting to join your course. There are many options out there.

6. Course Hosting Platform

Think of your online course as a combination of different learning “Legos(r)”. Each lego is learning building block such as a video lecture, a downloadable guide, a link to a cool resource. 

Creating your course is simply sequencing these mini-blocks of learning into a cohesive learning journey for your audience.  

A course hosting platform houses all your learning components in one private place so your students can access their tools.

There are many great course hosting platforms out there that are simple to use. And, the ones I most highly recommend make it super easy to launch by already integrating your payment system, video hosting, webinars and more into one easy to use tool. 

I love hearing about what you are creating! Share your thoughts, ideas and questions in the comments below. I’m listening!

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