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6 No-Cost Ways to Promote Your Course Before You Launch

How can you promote your online course before you launch it? What if you don’t have a “list” and need to get the word out without paid ads?

We all know that you can promote your online course leveraging the power of paid ads on Facebook or Instagram to quickly get the word out. In this post, let’s talk about six no-cost ways that you can promote your online course before you launch.

6 No-Cost Ways to Promote Your Course Before You Launch

1) Promote your online course with a special offer that leads to your course content. 

You can create a free lead magnet that relates to the content you will be sharing in your online course. Great news – you can use the content you are already creating for your course. For example, one of our Create 6-Figure Courses members pulled a free planning calendar from her course content and offered this tool as a download in exchange for an email opt-in.

2) Promote your online course by requesting a course review. 

Think about bloggers, podcasters, authors, or speakers that your ideal clients follow online. Make a list and reach out to them to share an invitation to review your course. Essentially, they get free access into your program in exchange for a short review of your online course. This is a great way to get an influencer to give a testimonial about your course content. You can also offer an affiliate link for them to later use when promoting your course.

3) Promote your online course when you speak or network. 

How many times are you in front of potential students for your course? Conferences, networking meetings, and other events are great opportunities to let people know you are releasing an online course. 

When networking, speaking, or writing, let your audience know that you are about to release your online course. You can create a “coming soon” waitlist page. Your audience can share their email address and be notified when you release your course. 

Another way to promote your course before you launch is to offer to be a guest expert for bloggers or podcasters in your niche. Many influencers are happy to have you on as a guest expert because it provides great content for their audience and enables them to promote an affiliate link for your online course.

4) Promote your online course by sharing long-form posts. 

When you post on social media, add longer-form posts into your content mix to promote your course before your launch. Think of these posts as opportunities to dive deeper into the content you will be sharing in your course. Examples topics might include:

  • Share the behind-the-scenes of the creation of your course
  • Highlight a tool or strategy you will be teaching
  • Tackle a question your audience has related to your course focus
  • Identify problems, shifts, or changes happening that lead into the work you will be doing in your course

5) Promote your online course with your email signature.

Every time you’re sending an email, you can promote your course. Include a link to your course waitlist or webinar invitation landing page in your email signature. You can also create a behind-the-scenes blog post documenting your course creation process and put a link to this in your signature that sounds like, “Want to see what I am working on?”

6) Promote your online course in discussion forums. 

Find relevant online discussion forums and contribute. Answer questions. Add value. The forum members will naturally click on your profile to learn more about what you do.


Consistency is the key to promoting your online course before, during and after you release it. Pick a few strategies and put them into action. What are some ways you are promoting your online course before your launch? Share in the comments below.


  1. Brenda says:

    Thanks for sharing this Janine! You shared some easy but effective ways to connect our audience with our course! Love it!

  2. Thanks Jeanine for making this list available to us! I have a new course launching soon and look forward to trying out your option #2 with a couple of groups that I’m active in (Promote your online course by requesting a course review).

  3. A Roze says:

    Excellent tips, Jeanine; thank you! I’m starting with a lead magnet. What are some free ways to get the magnet seen when you don’t yet have a large following?

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