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5 Types of Content to Grow Your List (and Convert More Prospects)

What’s the best types of content to create to grow your list and land amazing clients?

There are five different types of content you can create for your audience. Knowing which type to focus on and when to share each type is the key to growing your reach and your client list.

Focus on the Experience

Your clients are on a journey with you from discovering you to becoming a raving fan. Along that journey, your clients are looking for different types of content.

We’re going to talk about five different types of content you can create for your audience you can use to build trust and support your clients in getting results every step of the way.  

5 Types of Content To  Grow Your List and Convert More Prospects 

Content Type #1: Free Lead Magnet 

I was listening to a sales “expert” on a podcast and he said “never give away anything for free that you can charge for.”

I thought, “Sorry, podcast dude, but this is really bad advice”.

There are some fundamental problems with this approach:

  1. You build trust by giving. Giving value early in the relationship is how you establish your credibility and worthiness as a guide for your clients.
  2. There are ALWAYS free alternatives to what you offer. If your client is willing to spend more time than money, they can work hard to find free ways to learn what you know. It might take forever, but it can be done.

Your competitive advantage is not your content. It is your ability to get people results with your content.

Getting clear on your point of difference can help you create stronger content. Clients invest when there is trust, when they see value and when they want help getting to the finish line faster.

Sharing free content in the beginning of your relationship is a powerful way to build trust. Share on X

A lead magnet is a piece of content that is designed to attract your audience. It’s centered around a question that they have and the purpose of that lead magnet is for them to opt in. This means they opt into your list by giving you an email address. 

A lead magnet could be:

  • A webinar (our recommendation for launching online courses) 
  • An e-book 
  • A tool or download 

I recommend a free webinar to market your online courses. You can create an experience of you as a teacher, add value, and make your audience aware of the value of your program.  

Make sure you are getting their email address so that you can follow up and deepen the relationship.

Content Type #2:  Relationship Building Content 

Our relationship building content is typically content you share with your email list or social media followers. Think about someone opting in to your email list. What do they get after they start to follow you?

Relationship building content might include: 

  • Series of welcome emails when they join your list
  • Social posts 
  • E-book
  • Blog articles
  • Newsletters delivering value
  • Podcasts 
  • Videos
  • Behind the scenes content 

Your relationship building content positions you as a credible guide and establishes you as the authority. It also gives your audience an insight into what it would be like to work with you. 

Content Type #3:  Promotion Launch Content 

This is not Field of Dreams

You and I are not Kevin Costner.

“The Build It and They Will Come” strategy doesn’t work when it comes to online courses or any other offer. 

We can build the best offer in the world, but that doesn’t mean our ideal clients are going to find it. We have to make them aware that it exists to solve their problem. 

Promotion launch content is content focused on promoting an offer. This content is specifically focused on getting your audience to do deeper work with you by investing in your offer.

Examples of promotion launch content include:

  • Promoting a webinar that leads to your online course through paid or free traffic 
  • Posting a free video inviting people to go to the webinar that leads to your online course
  • Email invitation to your email list webinar promoting your online course 

The common theme: all these examples are laser focused on promoting your online offer. 

Content Type #4: Your Paid Offer 

Your paid offer is also content, right? Whether you are building an online course or creating a live workshop, you are creating content. 

If you need help creating your online course, I walk through how to this in the free training, “7 Steps to Creating and Launching Your Profitable Online Course”.

I recommend an online course as your main paid offer. This allows you to serve many people at once. It also enables you to identify the right clients for your higher level offers.

Content Type #5: Your Next Level Offer 

Some of your participants in your online course or other main offer will naturally want to do deeper work with you. This means there is an opportunity for higher level offers such as higher ticket coaching.

Your people move into next level offers for two reasons:

1- They want more access to you

Your next level offer could be a private coaching package added to your online course.

2- They have new questions.

Once your clients achieve success in your main offer, they may have new questions. When I launched Create 6-Figure Courses and students began getting success with their own courses, they asked me to create new levels of support to help them with new questions like “How do I build a team?”

Your audience will help you determine what your next level offers should be. 


It’s easy to confuse the purpose of the content you are creating. 

For example, promotional launch content is laser focused around getting people to take action. Your relationship builder content may be a cool tool or a post about something you are reading with no call to action.

Think about the buckets of content you need to focus on to grow. 

Here is where I suggest starting:

  1. Create a main offer (I talk about how to do this in this free webinar.)
  2. Create a webinar as a free lead magnet which allows you to attract new leads and make sales at the same time. 
  3. Promote and launch your course. 
  4. Build relationship building content that nurtures the relationship over time. 

Most people get this wrong because they are told to grow a list. You likely need to generate revenue while you grow your list. Building a course and promoting with a webinar is a great way to do both at the same time. This is one of the methods we teach in Create 6-Figure Course. You can create your course and grow your list at the same time.

Excited to see you implement this and what shows up for you! 


  1. I read a lot, especially on topics having a direct impact on my career, and the more I read the more everything seems redundant. However, your content is refreshing and just what I needed to read at this moment. Thank you so much!

  2. Romilly says:

    Thank you for this! Your blog posts are helping me to feel less overwhelmed and terrified at starting from a list of 0! ?

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