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Create an Online Course Brand with 5 Free Tools

Create an Online Course Brand with 5 Free Tools

Here are 5 of our favorite tools to create an online course brand on a budget: – Named one of Time Magazine’s “50 Best Websites,” is the perfect website for browsing colors and color palettes. The colors you choose to create an online course brand can convey the vibe of your course from “serious” to “playful”. With the tools, you can easily create your own color palettes and patterns to play with different color options for your brand to be used in the creation of your sales pages and opt-ins. – When you create an online course brand, you will be creating alot of images: Powerpoint or keynote images, social media posts and images for your sales page. Canva is a do-it-yourself design tool that is not only flexible and easy to use, but it also provides you with thousands of design templates in various sizes (from Facebook posts to powerpoint slides to full-page infographics). They recently launched Canva at Work, with an expanded collection of templates.  Also, their Design School is a great way to learn design with bite size lessons that you can practice using Canva. – When you create an online course brand, you will be choosing a font (which you want to consistently use). I get asked a lot about where to find cool fonts. The feel of your branding can completely change depending on your choice of fonts. This free tool shows you different Google Font combinations live on your screen. You can even change the font’s size, weight, and color. –   PSDCovers helps you turn flat (2D) images into 3D objects for a lead magnet or sales page. Selling an ebook? This site will help you transform your cover photo into an actual book. Really cool! – If you’re creating an online course, showing your course materials in action on a laptop or phone can be a great way for potential participants to get the feel of your experience. In a couple clicks, Magic Mockups helps you turn your flat, 2D course download screenshots into beautiful real-life photos of someone viewing your download/ebook/lead magnet on their computer or phone.

And one bonus over-achiever resource!
If you are like most course creators, you are focused on how to create an online course brand by doing this yourself. Finding the right tools is a great start. When you are ready for support from a designer or virtual assistant, it is helpful to have a brand style guide.

This is a resource to store your colors, fonts, logos, and styles. A brand style guide can save you hours of frustration conveying your brand look to someone else. In this comprehensive post, Smashing Magazine outlines the steps to creating a brand style guide – a document you and your team can refer to when creating resources for your business.

What are your favorite branding resources? Share in the comments below!


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