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11 Key Drivers of Growth in Your Business (and How to Know Where to Focus First)

Whether you are working on getting to your first six figures in your business…

Growing to multi-six figures…

Or, getting to seven figures and beyond…

There is likely something you need to focus on to get to your next level of impact. 

There are 11 drivers of growth in your business. In this episode, you can assess which drivers you can focus on next to get the biggest leap.

When I first started my business, I began as most of us do – selling my time as an expert. 

The problem was that I had created a business with a built-in revenue cap on it. I maxed out my time to sell and quickly burned out. 

Although my friends thought my travel was glamorous, I was sick of it. My “glamorous” life included many nights in less-than-great hotels fighting hard not to cry because I was missing my kids.

I needed to figure out another way to grow my business. I needed to figure it out fast. 

I dove in and analyzed successful businesses who had achieved the results I wanted to achieve. I looked at the patterns of success and found some commonalities that held the key to reinventing my business.

It’s been years since I identified these 11 drivers. Focusing on the right one at the right time has been the key to consistently growing my business every single year.

Take a look at them below and see which ones are a “yes” and which one would make the biggest impact right now in your business.

11 Drivers to Take Your Business to The Next Level 

1) My life goals are connected to my daily goals.

2) I am clear on the transformation my work provides for my clients.

3) I have a clear vision for where I am leading my company.

4) I have an offer that does not involve selling my time. 

5) I have a profit plan that is broken down into quarterly goals.

6) I have a 12-month launch and promotion plan.

7) I have an automated system that generates leads.

8) I have a predictable method to convert leads into sales. 

9) I have a financial tracking system that tells me where I am against my goals.

10) I have a way to measure progress against my goals. 

11) I have surrounded myself with people who are smart in different ways than me.

If you want to dive a bit deeper into these, I go into depth on several of these in this week’s episode. Here is how focusing on some of these made an immediate impact on my results… 

Creating an online course (#4) helped me to create predictable revenue while also freeing up time to work on what was next. This was a game changer because I moved out of scarcity into having time to work on the bigger picture. 

Shifting from focusing only on sales to focusing on profit goals (#5) helped me to make better decisions. This shift allowed me to confidently fund the growth of my team. 

Having a 12-month launch and promotion plan (#6) got me out of the trap of constantly creating new offers and wondering why no one was rushing to buy them. Announcing an offer and launching it are two entirely different things. 

Which one would make a big impact for you right now?

Summary: What to Do Next

The first time I put this list together, I realized I could not say “yes” to most of them.  

I want you to take a look at all of these and ask yourself:

  • Which of these do I have in place?
  • Where do I need to be more consistent?

Do you need to do all of these at once? Absolutely not. I would recommend picking one driver that can help you move the needle on many of the others.

For example, when I created and launched my first online course, it addressed several moves at once. My course enabled me to:

  • Move away from one-one
  • Create a predictable system for converting leads into clients
  • Automated how I found leads
  • Set me up to have a simple launch and promotion plan around that course
  • Created predictability in profit quarter to quarter

These drivers were game changers in my business and in my life.

Take a look and let me know what’s showing up for you! 


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  2. Thank you for your generous contribution to positivity and our business!

  3. Hi Jeanine! I took your C6FC online course years ago…I have a few courses now but still no steady income at all! I need some guidance. Not sure which of your options is the next best fit for me.

  4. Perfect timing for this message, thank you Jeanine!

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